About me

As a self proclaimed fitness and nutrition junkie, I feel like I've been to the end of the health world and back looking for the way to perfect and effortless health. It seemed like nothing "clicked" for me for a long time after I stopped playing high school sports. I became an ACE certified personal trainer in 2008 and that's where the story begins...

My Fitness Journey

I loved running and training for races but ALWAYS seemed to be fighting off injuries. I was constantly craving sugar, wondering what I was going to eat next, and planning my life around my next long run.

Strength training was always something I did but it was secondary to the almighty "cardio". I would push my personal training clients in the weight room and in their circuit training but that logic was somehow lost on myself.

Eventually, I found myself having to reduce my running due to health issues and injuries. As a result, I focused my attention on lifting weights. I quickly realized how empowered and strong I felt. I was proud of my naturally broad shoulders. I set goals like doing 1 unassisted pull-up or breaking triple digits on my bench press.

An amazing thing happened -- I got healthy, my body got better looking, and I didn't turn into a man or get "too jacked". Ladies, you are stronger than you think, and it's harder to get muscles than you think too.


I've dabbled pretty much everything from vegan, to pescetarian, to "clean eating", and beyond. I've eaten too little, counted calories, and ultimately just ended up confused

It took too many years, but finally I discovered the simplicity of truly eating REAL food. It suddenly all made sense for me. I stopped craving sugar, I didn't have to eat every 2 hours, and I never worried about overeating. I enjoy food, feel great when I eat, and I don't diet. Ever.

I want to help you. I want you be totally healthy, vibrant, strong, and free of dieting forever. 

Join me and Be Simply Strong.


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If you want something you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.
— Dave Ramsey


Certified Personal Trainer since 2008       American Council on Exercise (ACE) 

Certified Health Coach since 2014            American Council on Exercise (ACE)