Conquering Fear

Yes, I know. This is an awfully dramatic title for my first blog post.

The reality is, I'm scared of failure. I'm scared to give up that safety net of "I haven't tried yet so that's the reason why I haven't accomplished my goal".

It is my dream to spend my time helping other people find health and happiness in their lives.  I want to wake up in the morning, smiling like I'm 14 years old because I can't wait to start my day.

But what happens if no one wants my help? What happens if I open up too much, and no one cares? What happens if people want my help and I run out of time or resources? But, but, but...

The thing is, I bet you are a little bit scared of failure too. Are you hesitant to try that thing that just might help you accomplish your goal because you can't lean on the fact that you haven't tried yet? What happens if you try and you fail?

I have a close friend that always plays the worst case scenario game with me.

What is the worst thing that will happen if you fail?

Me - The worst thing that happens if my business fails is that I learned how to create a website and spent time working on my passion.

You - The worst thing that happens if you take my advice is that you are a little more healthy and know a little more about what works for your body.

Sounds to me like neither of us have anything to lose.

So here goes nothing... are you with me?

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