Resolve to eat "WELL" this year

No, I'm not telling you to eat perfectly this year. I'm not even telling you to only eat "clean" versions of junk food.

I'm telling you to eat GOOD FOOD.

How many times do you eat something that is not good for you and it doesn't even taste that good?

If you are going to eat something that is not contributing to your health ("bad" food), then make sure it is worth it. Make sure it is knock your socks off GREAT tasting food.


You just ate something soooo delicious. Enjoy it!!

Be intentional about how you fuel your body. Most of the time, eat vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Don't forfeit your gut health, blood sugar stability, and healthy fat metabolism for something that is "eh". You can always take a bite of that unhealthy dish and chose not to eat the entire thing. (Just don't tell Mom.)

I don't like the idea of "cheat" meals. To me, it means that the rest of your diet is a punishment that you must cheat on. Instead, make healthy choices most of the time and enjoy your food on a daily basis. We are establishing a habit of living your life in a way that is healthy but also sustainable.

The percentage of the time you choose to eat something deliciously unhealthy depends on your goals. If you are simply trying to maintain your weight, you will find that balance of how often you can indulge without causing your pants to get too tight. If you are looking for fat loss, you will indulge less often. (I'm sorry if you were looking for a magic number there. I don't have one because it's different for everyone.) 


What food is completely worth it to you?

For me, it's great pizza. I eat it when I crave it (about every 2 weeks or so), and don't ever feel deprived.


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