So you wanna lose 10 lbs...

Did you resolve to lose weight this New Year?


What you are trying to achieve is to look better, right? Maybe be more fit or healthy and "look better naked" (essentially).

Will losing weight have a correlation to that?  Maybe, but not necessarily.

You getting stronger, more cardiovascularly fit, fueling your body better, sleeping well, managing stress, and ultimately losing fat will accomplish that. So why measure weight?

The scale simply measures your relationship to gravity, and carries way too much weight in affecting how you feel about yourself and your progress. (<-- see what I did there? :)) It varies with your level of hydration, the waste in your system, and other miscellaneous factors not related to how much fat you've lost and muscle you've gained.

Instead, take pictures and notice how your clothes fit. Focus your attention on being your most vibrant and healthy self and you will end up looking that way!

Check out this video to help you take more useful before and after photos.


OR... you could just take a selfie since you're doing that anyway...


Oh, just me? Oops.



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This Weekend...

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