Don't Launch a Rocket Ship

Does getting healthy feel like the most complicated thing in the world to you?

Low fat or high fat? Eat carbs in the morning or at night? Does it matter how late at night my last meal is? Is gluten evil? What about dairy? AHH!

With so much information thrown at you everyday, it is so easy to get analysis paralysis. You probably either don't know where to start or question every single thing you put in your mouth.

Good news! I have the magic pill to fat loss!!!!!!!

Oh, you don't believe me?  Good. You do know more than you think.

What else do you know?


I don't know anyone who will say that eating cookies, cake, candy, or soda are "good for you". Lowering or eliminating added sugar intake is pretty much the only thing on which all researchers agree. Which, considering the thousands of differing opinions out there, is pretty amazing and telling.

PHOTO: Lauren Schmitt

PHOTO: Lauren Schmitt

So let's keep things simple.

The first thing I have every one of my clients do is eliminate ADDED sugar. That means anything the has sugar in the ingredients list - even artificial sugar. Once you start looking, you'll be shocked at how many places you find it. Peanut butter, pasta sauce, bacon, salad dressing, protein bars, and on and on...

It is not easy. In fact, it may be very difficult. But, if that's the only thing you are focusing on, isn't that much easier than trying to do a million things at once? Don't worry about anything else for 3 weeks. Just don't eat food containing added sugar.

You are not launching a rocket ship. You are making one small change at a time.

And that first step is sugar.


For some detail behind the science, watch this 60 Minutes special from a few years ago: Is Sugar Toxic


Where is the most surprising place you've found added sugar?



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