Progress is Powerful

The concepts of baby steps and progress have come up a lot for me this week.

  • In my Financial Peace University class where I announced that I am two-thirds of the way to being debt free
  • When my client told me she's lost a pound a week
  • When my Mom told me that she's 1 day into being gluten free and didn't put sugar in her coffee
  • Hearing that CVS is eliminating tobacco from their stores

All of these are tremendous steps forward, and yet, in each case they were minimized.

  • I STILL have 8 months to go
  • I ONLY lost 1 pound a week
  • Well it's only been a day
  • CVS still sells candy and soda so does it even matter?

That's just crazy!  Don't downplay the importance of your steps. If we wait until we can figure it all out at once, we may never start.

Progress is powerful.

It's motivating to feel things moving. To feel like you are moving them. Eventually one baby step will be two baby steps, and then three... and then you stop thinking about it so much. It will become second nature to skip the sugar in your coffee, or take a walk after dinner. Habits are incredibly powerful and they build on each other. 

Identify the baby step you took this week. Now, pat yourself on the back for taking that step. Maybe this week you don't change anything else and you just keep taking that same baby step. That's okay; but whatever you do, don't stop moving.

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.
— Conrad Hilton (Hilton Hotels)

What was your baby step this week?  Time to BRAG!




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