5 Reasons Why Online Personal Training Is for You

If you aren't reaching your goals, but you're not sure if online training will work for YOU... keep reading!

1. You're not sure what to for exercise...

Maybe you don't have a clue WHAT to do... cardio, strength training, stretching... ah! It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start and finding a coach who can walk you through even the smallest details can be the thing you need to get in gear!

2. You're bored with your current routine

You've been doing the same thing forever but don't know what else to do... or maybe you've plateaued. Your routine needs a re-boot! A coach can bring fresh eyes and ideas to help you get out of your slump or over that plateau.

3. You need accountability AND flexibility

One thing that people love about personal training is that they have someone watching and checking in. Online personal training provides that PLUS the flexibility to workout when and where you want. You don't have work around your trainer's schedule, but you better believe they will check to make sure you actually worked out!

At-Home Gym

4. A generic workout routine just isn't cutting it

Workout plans are a dime a dozen. Magazines, blogs, Pinterest, YouTube... you name it, there's a plan. The problem is that YOU have unique requirements, limitations due to injury, space, time, etc. When you sign up for online training, you get a plan that was created just for you! It's not a boxed plan and there is even a coach available to help you plan your week.

5. Personal Trainers at your gym are too expensive

When it comes right down to it, getting one-on-one time with a trainer in person is expensive. Rates for a 1 hour session usually run $50-$80 (at a minimum) depending on where you live and train. What about the other 23 hours? That's where online health coaching can really make a big difference. You are getting 24 hour support for the cost of 1 or 2 ONE HOUR sessions!

To see how to get started with online training, check out the programming I offer...

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