Workout Wednesday - 4/2

We're keeping it simple today! It looks easy but don't let that fool you :) (<--insert evil personal trainer laugh)

How To:

Warm-up: Do up to 10 minutes of light activity like walking, cycling, or jogging or do some dynamic stretching.


  • You're going to do three exercises back to back for 5 rounds.
  • Rest as needed, but try to complete the workout as fast as possible.
  • It's quick and painful!

How-To: Thrusters (you can use dumbbells)

How-To: Burpees

How-To: Row on the rowing machine properly (OR - you can sprint 200 meters)

Cool-down: Walk around with your hands overhead to catch your breath. Don't sit or lay down until you can breathe normally. Perform static stretching on all muscle groups.

To see older Workout Wednesday workouts, you can head over to the Workouts! page :)


Now go workout and Be Simply Strong today!!


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