What is a Health Coach?

Coaching is about expanding people's capacity to create their desired future.

How great is that?

As a personal trainer, you learn pretty quickly that exercise is not the only important piece of the lifestyle change puzzle. It can certainly be a catalyst that brings other things to light, but it is only one facet of many other things that truly affect "wellness".

"Wellness" is an awfully overused word these days and the scope is pretty broad. It encompasses emotional, behavioral, physical, nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle factors. The way to improve all of those things is NOT by hiring an expert to tell you exactly what to do, think and eat. That will only last as long as you have money to pay or until you stop doing exactly what that person tells you. 

The way to change all of that wellness "stuff" is actually within you. YOU have the power to change your life. The problem is that some people either don't believe it or don't know where to start. That's where a health coach comes in. 

The goal of a health coach is to offer support, guidance, and education to foster positivity, resilience and ultimately self-sufficiency. The goal of health coaches is to work themselves out of a job. 

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) offers the only NCCA* Accredited Health Coaching certification. In their literature they so eloquently state that the health coach helps clients master the art of living

The Art of Living includes four things:

  1. the ability to ENJOY
  2. the ability to CHOOSE
  3. the ability to KEEP DEVELOPING
  4. the ability to SEE MEANING

Would your life be improved if you could truly start doing those four things in every aspect of your life? If you could start doing all of that as it relates to your health? 

I'm proud and excited to share that in addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, I am now a Certified Health Coach through ACE!

In the next few weeks I will be revamping some of my programming in order to offer new health coaching specific services!

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What is your biggest health-related struggle? Do you think a health coach could help?




*National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) is the same body that accredits certifications for pharmacists, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians and many other health professions.

**There are some other very reputable Health Coaching certifications out there in addition to what ACE offers. For example, my friend Megan is certified through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. Just be aware that there are also people calling themselves "health coaches" when all they are doing is selling a supplement. Do your research and take time to find out the background and education of the person from whom you are taking advice!

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