*New* Series - Coach's Notes!

To me, being healthy isn't just about BMI, diet, exercise, etc, etc. To me, the epitome of health is someone who is glowing in a way that you can just tell that he or she is thriving. It's a similar sentiment to the idea that health isn't just the absence of disease. 

I think true health is optimizing your physical being AND your mindset, relationships, and lifestyle. Part of what I love talking, thinking, and learning about is happiness and fulfillment. 

As you can see in my Pinterest profile, it would be safe to say that I'm a little obsessed with the topic.  

Follow me!

Follow me!

This doesn't mean I'm the happiest person you've ever met or even that I want a life without any sadness, difficulty, stress, or obstacle. (I'm pretty sure I could make flipping hamburgers stressful). 

I just love sharing these kind of topics. So, that's what I'm going to do. 

We're going to call them "Coach's Notes".  Several times a week I'll post a quote, topic, question, idea, or challenge to help lift you up. You'll see it here and on my Facebook page (make sure you Like it!)

We may start getting into the God side of things. I'm going to let it go there. I'm going to pour my heart and passions out because I want to live every part of my life with complete authenticity. (and because it's my blog, so I can :) ) If you don't want to hear about God, that's cool. Please just share the post with someone who does and come back on the food and exercise day!

This is where the "Live Simply" part really comes in. It's where we get do what my mission statement is all about: reigning in and prioritizing the most elemental parts of your life so you can give and love freely, and get back to simply being YOU.

Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/202943526932910368/

Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/202943526932910368/

I hope you enjoy. If you do, please share so others can too!


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Coach's Note - Pain

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