#WorkoutWednesday 6-11-14

Ready to stop talking and start sweating? 

Along the theme of getting back to the fundamentals this month, here's a GREAT starter strength training routine. One of these days I will film my own video, but for now, enjoy the one that is linked below from NerdFitness.com. 

Wondering where to start with exercise? Try this!

Warm-up: do 5-10 minutes of walking or easy cardio on the machine of your choice 

Bodyweight Workout

20 Squats

10 Push-ups (on knees, if needed)

20 Walking lunges

10 Dumbbell rows

15 second Plank

30 Jumping Jacks

<Complete 2 times>

Watch Me For Instructions!


  • Use dumbbells if you have them for the rows
  • If this is too easy, hold dumbbells while you squat and lunge, plank and jump rope for longer, and/or complete the circuit three times. Rest as little as possible between sets.
  • If this is too difficult, complete the circuit just once and rest as much as needed between exercises.

Cool-down: stretch all major muscle groups

Even if you are an experienced exerciser (if that's a word), this is a great workout to have on hand if you're travelling and don't have access to your normal equipment. Try holding each movement for a few seconds longer to really create a burn in the static hold. 


Enjoy and move often!


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My biggest fear...

Coach's Note - Pain

Coach's Note - Pain