Workout Wednesday - Vacation Style!

Hi! I haven't forgotten about y'all! I escaped to the beach last week/weekend with my Mom and sisters. It was great to spend time with them and I made a conscious decision NOT to work... even "fun work". 

When I wasn't laying on the beach reading, I was floating in the ocean, playing tennis, and walking a lot. I got some "sprints" in across the hot sand, and by racing (and beating <-- brag) my sister in a swimming race. I coerced my sisters into some Baptiste-style power yoga (this podcast) which was much more difficult on the beach. #firstworldproblems 

On the last day, I had some time so I wrote up the following workout and found a quiet spot in the back of the neighborhood to do it!

Many of you are travelling for the holiday weekend so I wanted to make sure you had something you can do on the road! If you'll be at home (like me) this would be a fun one to do with a friend. Just make sure you follow the instructions and turn on some music!

How-To Links:



Plank Twists - 10 each arm

Burpees - try breaking them up into smaller groups to get through all 25!

Lunges - 15 each leg



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Workout Wednesday! (6-25-14)