*NEW* Coaching Services - Make the Most of your Summer!

When I announced my new certification, I mentioned that I would be rolling out new fitness and nutrition coaching services. I'm so excited to announce that the wait is over! :) 

I've realigned the programs to better fit the needs I've been seeing among my clients. I think you will find that each option is more clear and it is easier for you to determine what fits your situation.  

  • Simply Super Fit Exercise Programming
    • This option is for those of you who just want a workout plan
      • It is NOT an automatic download and it's NOT the same for everyone
    • When you sign up, I will give you the option of answering a series of questions via email or setting up time to talk with me over the phone. It's completely up to you.
      • Based on the information I gather about your injuries, limitations, goals, and specific requirements, I will develop a personalized program just for you!
    • Do any of these statements apply to you?
      • You don't know what to do when you get to the gym
      • You are bored with your current routine
      • You need a kick-start 
      • You have hit a plateau
      • You don't know how to lift weights
      • You can't find exercise that you enjoy
      • You have a fat-loss or mass gain goal that you just can't seem to accomplish
    • If so, this program is for you!
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
    • This is the option you may want to consider if you know you need something more than just a new workout plan. 
    • With this program, you get one-on-one consultations with me where we will systematically work through ALL aspects of lifestyle change: nutrition, exercise, and stress management. 
      • I firmly believe YOU can be healthy. 
    • Whether you have been struggling with losing the last 10 lbs or the first 50, there is where you need to start. 
      • I will help you uncover the missing link.
      • I promise it won't be scary and I won't make you eat broccoli for every meal :)
    • If you are wondering if health coaching is for you, please send me an email or submit the Contact Me form and I'd be more than happy to answer all of your questions! Julie <at> besimplystrong <dot> com


If you think I may be able to help, you owe it to yourself to at least explore the option. Why wait? Don't spend another day simply surviving when you could be thriving. 


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