Ridiculous Hard Work

Ridiculous Hard Work

I've been thinking a lot this week about hard work and about being honest with myself about hard I really do work. How many times are there when I decide to take it easy instead of helping others, working on my business, myself, or SOLOSHOT?

I think in general, I push myself really hard but maybe there's a threshold over which I'm scared to cross. How many of my goals could I accomplish if I just stopped being so darn scared of "overdoing it". 

I'm not suggesting we kill ourselves and forget about sleep, recovery, and relationships. Those are arguably more important. 

 What I'm talking about is ridiculous hard work. Be intentional about your waking hours and don't expect results unless you've truly given it your all. 

I shared this quote on my Facebook page last week, and it REALLY hit home for me. 

Before water generates steam, it must register two hundred and twelve degrees of heat. Two hundred degrees will not do it; two hundred and ten will not do it. The water must boil before it will generate enough steam to move an engine, to run a train. Lukewarm water will not run anything.

A great many people are trying to move their life trains with lukewarm water—or water that is almost boiling—and they are wondering why they are stalled, why they cannot get ahead. They are trying to run a boiler with two hundred or two hundred and ten degrees of heat, and they cannot understand why they do not get anywhere.

Lukewarmness in his work stands in the same relation to man’s achievement as lukewarm water does to the locomotive boiler. No man can hope to accomplish anything great in this world until he throws his whole soul, flings his force to his whole life, into it.
— Orison Swett Marden from He Can Who Thinks He Can

People tell me every day - "I want to lose weight" "I want to look GREAT in a bathing suit" "I want to make more money". 

Then I ask what they do for exercise and the response is, "wellllll... sometimes I run or I'll do a few push-ups and crunches..." I ask how they plan to pay off their debt, and they say "wellllll... I've been trying to save money"

That sounds lukewarm to me. 

If you want results in your physical fitness, in changing your body, in paying off your debt, or just about anything else, you NEED to be willing to WORK for it.  

Hard Work means:

  • Getting your butt out of bed in the morning. 
    • Wake up before everyone else to work like no one else.
  • Sacrificing what feels good right now for what you want in the future.
    • Don't eat the french fries, buy that handbag, or turn on Breaking Bad. (I swear I'm not talking about myself here)
  • Spending time planning in the short term based on your big long-term goal. 
    • This includes daily and weekly business goals, meal plans, workout time slots, and budgets.
  • Showing up to work out and actually giving it everything you've got 
    • You made time to be there - don't mail it in. 
  • Continuously learning and asking questions
    • Reach out to mentors, experts in the area of your goal, or people you aspire to be like. I've never met anyone who doesn't like when someone asks for their advice or opinion.

The good news about all of this? It actually does get easier. Once you've developed the right eating habits, they become more sustainable. Once you've started the debt ball rolling and have a budget, it's easier to stick to it. It's not effortless (nothing worthwhile is), but it does get easier.

Sunday afternoon thoughts

Sunday afternoon thoughts

As for me, in addition to doing everything I can to help make SOLOSHOT successful, I'm starting my own outdoor fitness classes in San Antonio! I'm SO excited about it and every second I spend working on my Camp Gladiator business or with the CG team, just lights me up. I'm still scared of failure and scared of how much work it takes to be successful, but I have no choice.

We all have no choice. It is either work ridiculously hard, or live with the alternative. 



For my friends who live in Denver, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Waco, or San Antonio - let me know if you'd like to try CG by clicking through here --->

The trainers are true professionals and it's definitely worth trying out for a month! The next camp starts tomorrow (March 16th), although you can sign up any time. 




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