ALL we keep talking about at SOLOSHOT is “shipping”.

I can’t wait until we’re shipping.

We just need to get to shipping.

When we’re shipping we’ll be able to ____.

Imagine the rad party we’ll throw on shipping day... 

(In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, SOLOSHOT3 is on pre-order and we plan to start shipping to customers this summer.)

I know not EVERYTHING will change, or that life will be easier, but there’s so much hope, anxiety, and excitement tied up in that particular event. It’s hard not to imagine what could happen.

Generally, the greater the anticipation, the less likely the actual experience is to live up to it. (Although I can think of a few things that have certainly exceeded my high expectations.)

So naturally, I’m nervous that things won’t take off. Nearly every part of me believes that it will, but you never know…

This has me thinking about all of the other things for which I have hopeful anticipation.

It’s hard not to get attached to the end result when it’s that end result that you are working, waiting, and praying so diligently for.

We must remember to enjoy right now. We cannot postpone happiness for “after” because if I had to guess, there won’t be an “after”. There will just be another messy, complicated, and imperfect day. And that’s all we can hope for.

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College friends

College friends

Routine Changes

Routine Changes