Be. Simply. Strong.

Be. Simply. Strong.


It's been a while since I've read back through my blog and really considered what I wanted to do with my little corner of the internet... starting with the name.

Over the last few years, I've kind-of struggled with the name. I started as "Be Simply Strong" with the intention that everything was about being STRONG. Bold and ALL CAPS. I was very focused on one way of achieving health and thought the prescription was the same for everyone. (Which isn't the case.)

After that, I shifted to "Simply Strong" and the timing of that was interesting. There was nothing about my life that was just me "being". I was always "doing" "fighting" "grinding" "pushing". I was in such a manic, panicked, fight-or-flight state that I didn't leave any room to just "be". It's no surprise that I felt the need to drop that word.

So, here we are with a small change, that feels like a big shift. We're back to "Be Simply Strong" but written as, "Be. Simply. Strong."

Be. {pause, deep breath}

Simply. {contentment and gratitude

Strong. {courage to face fears and trust in the process}

I'm going to try some new things around here, with a heavy focus on managing money. Personal financial management is one of my passions, and I think it may be my purpose. Some recent experiences have really brought to light how important this is, and how under served most people are in the areas of basic budgeting, debit elimination, saving, and giving. 

If you're most interested in the health/wellness side of things, I still have a lot to talk about in regards to time and energy management. 

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Happy weekend, friends!

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