Making Difficult Things Simple

I think we can probably all agree...

1. Left unchecked, these two things can quickly get out of control: 

  • eating habits 
  • debt

2. Left unchecked, these two things tend to stop happening:

  • exercise
  • saving money

As a way to compensate for these natural tendencies, we try to make complicated rules to control them.

WHY??! They can already be difficult enough, and we just make it MORE difficult by adding complexity.

There is probably a reason why I'm obsessed with both physical health and fitness as well as financial health... they can both be made fairly SIMPLE. 

You see, I over-think just about everything and tend to make things more complicated than they really are. For example, I started to tell my friend at work this "great plan" I had for buying a house in a few years and having my brother go to school in Texas, move in, help fix up and, blah, blah, blah...  He goes, "Julie, you're over-complicating it. Just save up and do it."


That's why I exercise, eat, and handle money the way I do. It's the SIMPLEST way I have found to be a better me.  It takes focused effort and patience, but it is not COMPLICATED.

It frees up precious brain matter for things that deserve my attention... like relationships and faith. It allows me the creative space for my business ideas to flourish. 

Simplicity works.

  • Last week, after 2.5 years of working at it, I paid off $50,000 in student loan debt <followed by Julie breaking into spontaneous tears of happiness for the next 24 hours>
  • This month, I am "celebrating" a year since I found the best way of eating for me. I feel nourished, and whole and never deprived. I exercise less but workout harder. 
most proud selfie ever

most proud selfie ever

I have other goals to achieve now, but I've learned a lesson that I don't want to ever forget. I want you to learn that lesson too.

There are too many things in life that are complicated. Your food, your exercise program, and your financial well-being don't have to be included in that list. 


If you are local to Dallas, I encourage you to come try a free class of the Financial Peace University series that I am facilitating. The 9-week program starts next week, May 13th. It is $93 for the whole program. The class is also hosted at thousands of locations across the country and online... no excuses! (This is strictly a volunteer activity for me and Dave Ramsey has more than enough press, he doesn't need to pay me to promote his program.)

If you want to learn more about how to simplify your exercise and diet, I'm free too :) I always offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Fill out the Contact Form and we can chat. 

Also, check out GOOD FOOD IN 100 WORDS from Liz Wolfe. I went to her book signing this week and couldn't wait to share this with y'all! It's simple and spot on.

Click through and print this out!

Click through and print this out!

Have a great week and Be Simply Strong!


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