Train to be a better version of YOU

I want to talk this week about inspiration.

First of all, I think it's great. We ALL could use a dose of inspiration everyday. Watching others succeed is one of the greatest joys in life. (Although, I think Bo Ryan and Billy Donovan would argue that statement today.)

Currently, I'm inspired by my health coaching group at the office to walk more. Getting even 5,000 steps a day (without intentional exercise) is difficult!

The problem with inspiration, however, is not the call to action it creates. It's the comparison trap of destruction in can leave behind.

problem with inspiration.jpg

What does that mean?

  • It means being inspired by your neighbor's 5 mile run and then being unable to walk for 5 days after you attempt to run that much your first time out.
  • It means being inspired by watching your family member lose weight and then discouraged when the same diet doesn't have the same exact effect for you.
  • It means being so inspired by your Instagram friend's Crossfit workout that you attempt it yourself and then get injured because you're less conditioned.

The comparison trap of destruction is feeling discouraged about your progress when you take inspiration and turn it into a prescription or do something that is unsafe for your fitness level.

The thing is, you don't want to BE that person.  You can't literally "get their abs" or whatever it is you obsess over. What you really want to be is a better version of yourself. Use inspiration responsibly. Use it to be a more healthy, fit, successful, or happy, YOU.

How I personally exercise or how much I eat won't necessarily apply to your goals. That's why you always need to be skeptical of one-size-fits-all exercise or eating plans. Be leery of trainers who want to make you do exactly what THEY do. I harp on it all the time, but everyone is different and needs to be treated that way.

You need to be met where you are.


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