What I'm Eating this Week - First Edition

One of the more challenging things when changing eating habits is figuring out WHAT to eat. We all get into rut and have go-to foods when we're not sure what to make. Changing up your diet always throws a wrench in that.

My clients are always asking what to eat now that they are eating whole unprocessed foods. They understand the guidelines, but aren't quite sure how that translates into actual meals and snacks.

I thought it might be helpful for me to share some of the recipes I'm making each week as ideas!

I usually plan for the week on Saturday or Sunday and do all of my grocery shopping at that time. I will also prep one or two of the meals if they are a little more time intensive.

My requirements for recipes are basically - easy and no weird or expensive ingredients. In fact, the fewer ingredients the better.

This is what I made last week!

Lunches and Dinners:

Fajita Rolls (Mine were not that pretty because I don't have a vegetable mandolin like the recipe calls for.)

Bacon Beef Butternut Squash - eaten with steamed green beans

Southwestern Steak Salad - without the crushed tortilla chips

Breakfast: Whole eggs scrambled with a big handful of spinach in coconut oil or bacon fat + bacon on the side or beef mixed in

Snacks: Apples and pistachios or raw almonds


Hopefully this helpful! You can follow me on Pinterest too :)

Have a GREAT week! Eat Well!


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