What I'm Loving Lately

What I'm Loving Lately

I have always loved reading this type of post from other bloggers, so I thought I'd bring it here for test drive. So without further ado, three things I'm loving lately:

1. Collagen peptides

Collagen is definitely having a moment, and it's for good reason. I've used it off and on for the last few years but since coming back from China in around February/March, I've gotten very consistent with taking it. I use about two tablespoons a day - one in my post workout protein shake and one in my coffee. It mixes clear, is nearly flavorless, and packs a nice little punch of protein. After 6 months of consistent usage, I can safely say that it has made a big difference in my nails and skin. The improvements in my skin may be partially attributable to my new skin care routine which I started around the same time, but either way, I'll take it!

I use Great Lakes brand (green canister mixes in hot or cold water). Another popular (but more expensive) brand that I've tried is Vital Proteins. Both are good options, but I stick with the more economical one. 

collagen nails

2. Ebates

I cannot believe I've never heard of this or used it until a few months ago!! I was very skeptical at first because I never trust anything until I figure out how they are making money from me. Once I figured that out, I became a huge fan. Basically, it's a plugin that you install in your Chrome browser that notifies you if there is a rebate available through their program for the website you are already shopping on. For example, if you go to Hotels.com to book a hotel for a trip, you'll get a notification that looks like this:

ebates plugin

Once you activate, the page refreshes and you continue on your merry way. After you make a purchase, you'll get an email notifying you that the rebate was placed into your account. You get paid out from your account once a quarter. 

In case you're wondering, I think they get paid by advertisers. They send out a daily email with deals and I'm pretty sure they are funding the rebates through both ad sales and some sort of affiliate with the retailers. (Correct me if I'm wrong here).

I love it because it actually doesn't make me spend more money, but it does incentivize me to shop at stores with an ebates program if I need to buy something anyway. So far I've gotten $79 back!

If you want to sign up, HERE is a referral link. You'll get a sign up bonus in your account and I'll get a referral bonus.

3. Getting my house cleaned

I almost can't believe I'm writing about this because I feel SO guilty about it. I am definitely having a tough time getting over the fact that I'm spending money on something that feels so unnecessary. But... wow. It makes me so happy. I've been talking about wanting to get my house cleaned for years but have been resisting because I knew it would be one of those lifestyle expansion things that I'd never be able to give up. And it's totally true. I don't want to go back to having to clean my own bathroom. I just don't. 

I read this article this morning that is complete justification on my part, but it helps. It talks about how buying more time makes people happier than buying more "stuff". So yes, I have the time to clean my house (we all have time for what we prioritize) but coming home to a clean house and spending that time doing other things that make me happy is what I'm loving right now. 


I hope that was fun! There are a lot of heavy things going on out there in the world and in the social spheres so I hope my little corner of the internet brings a little light to your day. Thanks for being here! 

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