#WorkoutWednesday - Fundamentals

Hi y'all! 

We're going to take a slightly different look at the normal Workout Wednesday post this week to talk about getting back to basics. 

There's something about this particular month that is really inspiring me to get a clean slate. Maybe it's because the 1st of the month was a Sunday or because there's an even 30 days and the start of a new season. Whatever the reason, that's just what we're going to do - go back to basics. 

I was listening to a great podcast yesterday where the guest was a successful entrepreneur. The show talked about the common things among high performers - people who are getting it right in business and in life. Among these commonalities were two words that never get enough credit - consistency and fundamentals

Growing up playing sports, we are all taught the "fundamentals" of shooting a free throw or swinging a baseball bat. We practice and focus on doing those basic things right, each and every time. We get proficient at those movements, our muscles learn, and we stop thinking about it so much. One day we grow up and never stop to think about the little habits we do, or more commonly, don't do every day.  


Consistency in fundamentals.

It's not sexy or exciting and it's not going to sell magazines. 

I'm definitely not saying not to have fun with exercise. I'm just suggesting that you lay the foundation before you put the roof on. 

Go back to basics this month and finish this half of the year intentionally

For everyone who is still reading, and for those who skipped to the end, here's your workout!

We'll start this week with a basic (not to be confused with "easy") interval training workout. This is based on the Tabata protocol. It is an excellent workout for increasing performance (in sports) and increasing metabolism and mobilizing fat stores. 

Do this 1-2 times per week.  *The more fit you get, the harder you can go! Just remember - increase intensity, not time.*

You can use any type of cardio equipment at the gym or run outside.

*Tip* Try an interval timer app if you are training outside so you can simply start and stop when the app beeps.

4 minutes of all out effort... you can do anything for 4 minutes!

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions at all :)


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