NEW! Small group training for groups of up to 4!

Time and time again I see people who have the most success are those surrounded by other supportive and like-minded individuals.

Now, you can sign up to Be Simply Strong together!

**The GROUP monthly rate is the same as individual training - but now you can split it up to 4 ways!**

The only requirements?

  • You must all be at a similar fitness or health level
  • You all need to be able to meet on the phone at the same time
    • Schedules will be coordinated within the group first, and then with me

How does it work?

  1. Choose a package - Fitness only <OR> Fitness + Nutrition
  2. Designate one person to fill out the contact form and indicate that you'd like to sign up as group.
  3. I will email the "team leader" and we will coordinate our initial 15 minute meeting from there.
  4. I am flexible on how you want to pay within PayPal - one invoice or split the total between the group.