Success Stories...from people Living Simply Strong

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie, off and on, for the past 4 years. I initially started with Julie at my heaviest weight and lost 25 pounds with her constantly changing and fun workouts and encouraging words. About eight months ago, I reached out to Julie because I was looking for some extra encouragement and accountability of my workouts and diet. For the past 4 months, I have been doing Julie’s online personal training and lost an additional 20 pounds!
Julie is very attentive to her clients, looking for ways to improve diet and creating workouts that fit the client’s personal and physical needs. If you enjoy leaving the gym exhausted, soaked and feeling on cloud nine, Julie is your girl!
— Becky L.
I am so grateful that Julie was there to train me when I needed to start a new workout plan, basically from scratch. She asked for my input and tailored the plans to make sure I could do them with the equipment at my gym and in the time I have.
I love getting stronger! I saw big gains in just the first three weeks. I love that Julie explains why she is having me do certain movements, and how things will progress down the road. And she’s always quick to respond to my questions about form and weight.
I am so excited to keep working with her and make more progress!
— Clare B.